Friday, January 26, 2007

The Hall of Shame

In a previous post I showed some caricatures I did as gifts for retiring staff at my school. My cruel drawings are not only directed at staff but also students. Whenever we have free time in a class and there's nothing to do until the end of a period I'll pick a student and do a quick caricature sketch. This technique keeps my students entertained and out of trouble because as we all know idle hands are the devil's tools. The kid who is the subject usually sits very still and patient while the others crowd around with rapt attention. After I finish the pencils I'll complete the sketch with ink and post it on a bulletin board I like to call The Wall of Shame. Other students will come into my room at times and make a game of identifying who's who. It's great fun and it gives me the opportunity to stay in practice by doing fast, exaggerated sketches while maintaining a likeness.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Return

I won't go on how I've neglected the poor old sketch blog. I will present a sketch done while watching the season premiere of 24. After I finished the sketch I wanted to add a little color. Then I was inspired by the various "motivational posters" I've been seeing on the intrawebs. I'm sure that the whole thing is probably an old fad by now but what the hey!