Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Crayon X-Men Caricatures

I know the end of the school year is upon me when I start doing caricatures of students. I don't start projects during the last week of classes because we probably won't finish them. So, as a form of classroom management I will pick a student in class and draw a fast caricature. The three knuckleheads in the image are from a class I refer to as the "Sweat Hogs." I've drawn these three many times before because they have faces and personalities that lend themselves to exaggerated caricature. The boy represented as Wolverine has recently become obsessed with the X-Men so I decided to represent these three as such. All three caricatures are on an 11"x17" copy paper. They were penciled and colored with some crappy crayons. All finished in a 45 minute period. From left to right: Nightcrawler, Beast, Wolverine.


Budd said...

That is awesome. grumble grumble wish I had cool teachers grumble grumble. So how old are these Sweat Hogs Mr. Carter?

Tom said...

The kids in that particular class are about 14 to 15. Thanks for the comment!