Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rick Geary On An Envelope

I love the work of Rick Geary and I also love Recorded Books. I doodled this little homage/plagiarism of Rick Geary's logo for Recorded Books on the back of an envelope I sent to Recorded Books.

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windupguy said...

Hey Tom,

Came across your blog as I was searching for other folks interested in Wally Wood, and was struck by the similarities in our profiles: interest in comics, cartoonist/caricaturist, teacher (tho I teach geaphic design in community college), live in upstate NY, don't draw much anymore but getting inspired to from checking out blogs like yours. Hell, my wife and I are even making a similar chicken dish for dinner tonight (ours is with large green olives and pine nuts).

I've just entered blog-world recently, have a site set up here but no content (yet), but if you check out my profile you can link to my blog on I'd really like it if you would check it out and let me know what you think!

BTW, I like your work. Nice style, with an obvious knowledge of anatomy and technique, unlike some cartoonists who use style but lack substance. Look forward to exploring your site more.