Friday, April 11, 2014

Jack Benny

Sketch a comedian, Jack Benny.


jimmo said...

Your Jack Benny looks like a cross-between Jim Backus and Benny. One may certainly see Benny in the face, and with the dark glasses. But Backus also sometimes wore glasses. And the thicker and darker hair seems more Backus than Benny.

Perhaps a more receded hairline, with thinner hair all over would render the sketch more as Benny. But I have also seen photographs of Benny later in life where his hair looked as if dyed darker, perhaps in preparation for some screentests for "The Sunshine Boys," or even publicity shots for one of Benny's later television specials.

You do have real talent, though, no question. And we do need some more celebrated portraitists now that Al Hirschfeld and René Robert Bouché are no longer among the living-on-earth.

I would like to see you try one of a younger (1966-67) and present-day Mick Jagger. And have you ever sketched Bette Davis?

Also, do you sell your work, or even prints of your sketches (for those of us not on the Forbes 500 list)?

Tom Karpe said...

Thanks, jimmo! I guess I'll have to draw Mick and Bette. Thanks again.