Friday, March 24, 2006

Head Shots

My good friend Dave had created a television show when he was in high school. He wrote the stories and his friends acted in it. It was all filmed in his school. I'm talking many years ago. I happened to be thinking about one of his villains, who happened to be my favorite character, when I drew the guy with the weird beard. The two sketches of the girl were for a birthday card I made for the daughter of a co-worker at my school. Then there's my buddy, Rob, without a mouth and what I though Bob Ross might look like if someone put his head on a robot. I know. Kind of stupid.

To the right are some head studies of a character that's been walking around in
my head for many years. I find it tough to render a goatee convincingly. I'm still practicing.

I am using markers more to sketch out color. I have to say that marker use is one of the best skills that I learned in college.

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