Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Napoleon Dynamite

This is a sculpture of Napoleon Dynamite I made as an exemplar for a project I did with two of my high school classes. The assignment was to create a sculpture based on any person they chose. It did have to be an actual person. No cartoon characters. The point was that they had to create the sculpture ala someone like Randy Bowen or a conceptual design artist. We started off with finding photo reference and then created a drawing of the full body. Then we laid out wire on top of the drawing to act like a skeleton over which we added wadded up newspaper. The newspaper was kind of like the figure's muscle mass. Over that we added layers of paper mache for skin and clothes. I forgot to mention that before any of the paper was added we created the head, hands, and feet with Sculpey. Slap some paint on and there you have it. The kids had fun making these.
One student made a sculpture of Paul Teutul, Sr. from Orange County Choppers. It so happens that a relative of one of the staff at school works at the O.C.C. garage and arranged a field trip. To make a long story short, the kid brought his sculpture and got it signed by Paul, Sr. Pretty cool huh? I was told that Paul, Sr. was very flattered.


rowleybob said...
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rowleybob said...

Cool shite. Has 100 times more character than the one you can buy at Spencer's.

Maybe show some of your students work too?

Todd said...

Holy SH*T does that rock hard!

Really, really impressive!

Patrick said...

Guy- thanks for the nice comment about my comic book inking. Hopefully sometime soon you will be able to buy a book with some of my work in it... Workin' hard to fulfill that dream! This sculpture is fantastic! Really nice job and cool that your students got to meet a hero because of it! Your characatures look great too, and I enjoyed looking at the photos from your comic convention trips. Im heading to San Diego next month for the con- looking forward to it! Keep up the great work man!