Saturday, June 03, 2006


I went to my first big convention over the past Fri. and Sat. with my good buddy, Andy from Ravenswood. He had and extra ticket to get in to the Wizard World Philadelphia convention so I went along. Andy wanted to meet some pros and get his portfolio looked at and I wanted a road trip, see this con, and meet some pros whose work I enjoy.
Stay with me. This will be a little lengthier than usual. I've included many pictures.

Here is a panorama at the entrance. Pretty big, eh?

I bumped into Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. Someone shouted to Beetle, "Hey, you're dead!" I also saw a cool Spiderman and snapped a pic of the manliest Superman I've ever seen.

Left is another garrison of stormtroopers. Check out Gen. Grievous hiding in the background. I don't even remember seeing him there. To the right is a tubby snowtrooper. The Empire must be getting desparate.

Later that night Andy and I went out to dinner at a cool restaurant called Doug & Buster's. To the left is me having a huge glass of Yuengling lager. To the right, Andy appears to be worried.

After dinner Andy went back to the room and I stayed outside to enjoy the view and a smoke. Right outside the hotel was a cool view of the Benjamin Franklin bridge. I asked someone to take a picture of me with the bridge. After that I had to document the girl who helped me out. Thanks to whoever you were. I never did get your name.
I was surprised as hell to see two old small press buddies of mine who I haven't seen in a couple of years. These guys are hitting the indy big-time.
Left is Brent Erwin, publisher of Ape Entertainment and a great guy. Right is artist and scoundrel, Dave Hedgecock. Thanks for the books, Dave. You're the man now, dog!

I got to meet one of my artistic heroes, Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan, Fury, Punisher: Born, Toxin, upcoming, The Boys). Andy met Marvel's EIC, Joe Quesada. Andy said that Joe could've dressed better considering all the money he has. I agree. What you don't see is the cut-off sweatpants Joe's wearing.

From left to right are some artists I saw but didn't get a chance to meet: John Romita, Jr., John Romita, Sr., and one of my favorites, Rags Morales. Rags is one of the most underrated artists working right now. His figure work, gesture drawing, and facial expressions are amazing. I got hooked on his artwork with Hourman and then followed him to Hawkman. Identity Crisis was his swansong.
At the con I also was able to get a book signed by Steve McNiven and shake Mike Deodato, Jr.'s hand. I also met Paulo Rivera who's artwork is just beautiful. I met Alberto Ruiz who's blog is something I visit daily and read his Illustrator tutorials in DRAW! magazine. He's super talented. Speaking of DRAW! I met the editor, Mike Manley, and got one of his sketchbooks.
Did I mention I met Jim Lee? What's his problem?
In closing, I want to leave you with a picture I snapped as we were leaving the convention hall for the last time. Andy and I were riding down an escalator when he pointed out Spiderman sitting on a window ledge. I think this image of Spiderman summarizes my experience at the Philly Con. It was fun going with Andy and walking the isles of the con. I had a blast meeting all the creators and seeing what the dealers had to offer but I was damn tired and ready to head home.

Rob Liefeld getting extreme.
(Stock photo)
p.s. One of my goals for the con was to meet Rob Liefeld. Andy even bought one of his books to get signed. He was scheduled to be there all weekend. He wasn't. What happened, Rob? The way I see it, you owe us both a sketch, Rob.


Anonymous said...

I like the pic of Superman and the one with you and the girl.

Pretty cool too you got to meet Mr. Lee and Mr. Liefield.

Is the blond guy you went with "Darth Vader" from the comic book store?

Your people portraits are usually dead on, but there isn't a clear picture of him, so i'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

Edit: Oh I see after reading you met Mr. Liefield not. Reading is fun!

Guy Mann said...

Yes, Andy was portrayed as Darth Vader in a previous post. Good eyes, anonymous.

rowleybob said...

Too bad you can't post on individual pictures... the one of you smoking with the random girl is priceless.

Is the effeminate Superman striking a very casually-dressed Lex Luthor in that pic?

Some of these pics are blurry as Hades.

You lose, good day sir!