Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lost 1

In anticipation of another season finale here's another tribute to an excellent show that I'm completely hooked on. Drawing these characters has been really fun. Stop back tomorrow to see who'll be posted here. Until then here's Sayid, Jack, and Hurley.


Booga said...

I have subscribed to your blog, and i am always pleased!

Todd said...

Well hot damn, those are AWESOME! Very nice likenesses, and I really like the style you chose. It's kinda odd to see Jack smiling, but aside from that, you captured all three of them wonderfully. I bow to you!


Guy Mann said...

Todd, I googled a pic of Jack grinning and I immediately wanted to draw it. Like you said, you seldom see him with a smile. I thought it would make for an interesting image. By the way, I see it's time for you to post some artwork. I check everyday but alas, nothing.