Monday, May 29, 2006

501st Legion, Garrison Excelsior

I wish I would've posted these pictures sooner. Last weekend I went with some friends to the Syracuse Comic Book Expo. As far as cons go it was small with a few guests. I did see Marv Wolfman who is famous for writting Teen Titans and Crisis On Infinite Earths. I also met Frank Cammuso who is an editorial cartoonist for the big Syracuse newspaper, The Syracuse Post Standard. It was really nice being able to talk shop with him.

The 501st Legion, Garrison Excelsior was represented at the con. This is an organization of dedicated Star Wars fans who go all out with their costumes. They're really impressive. Especially, Chewbacca. The guy inside the suit was actually walking around on stilts. Also, at the con was this guy. I'm not sure who or what he was supposed to be but he did eat ten tacos for justice. I think he was supposed to be a hero but he looked filthy and homeless. After each taco he ate he cried, "For justice!" I stayed to watch him eat the last taco, which he did. He looked like he was going to barf.


Anonymous said...

Update my lied, you lied!

Nice cosplay pics anyway.

Guy Mann said...

Sir, you are a dick.