Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Track & Field Trojan

This is just a simple little sketch I did after being asked to create a large poster for my school's track team. Our mascot is a Trojan. So here's the little guy after fooling around with some Photoshop adjustments courtesy of tutorials by illustrator extraordinaire, Chris Wahl.


Patrick said...

Nice job on the foreshortening here... It was fun to check out the work here on your blog! Keep the creativity rolling!!!

Patrick said...

Guy- thanks for stopping by my blog. I found yours via a comment you left for another artist- can't remember which artist right now as I check out about 20 different art blogs on a daily basis- I find that it helps amp up my creativity to see what other artists are creating. Cool piece on the Universal Monsters, I can't get enough of that stuff- Monsters rule!!!

Patrick said...

Guy- just noticed your comment on my blog about WACOM tablets. I just picked up a Graphire- they might seem small when you see them, but it has proven to be more than enough for my needs. The price is right too, cant complain much about $100. I am now addicted, it took a few days to get used to, but I cant say enough good about it. Give it a shot- they are really cool!